Solo Hiking Workshop

Lose the knot in your stomach that is playing your fears over and over in your head and walk away with the exact skills to be able to confidently hike solo without worrying for your safety.

The proven method for helping you get out of your head and onto the trail by yourself with absolute confidence...

Get complete clarity on how to choose your first solo hike and transition into solo backpacking.

Learn how to save yourself in common wilderness situations and emergencies so you no longer need to worry about or rely on others for your safety.

Discover how to move past your fears before and during your hike, and tell the difference between actual danger and your fears.

Get my exact process for taking stunning photos of yourself when you’re solo without relying on other people.

Overcome your fear of sleeping alone in the dark so you can actually get a good night's rest.

Discover how to avoid being lonely on solo adventures.

Discover how to tell your family and friends in a way that helps them understand why you want to go solo, and helps you stand up for your decision without giving into their fears.

Learn how to stay safe around other humans when you’re traveling in the wilderness.

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